Private Discuss

Your private and collaborative communication platform

Your tailor-made, white labeled, on premise and encrypted solution

Your tailor-made, white labeled, on premise and encrypted solution
  • A collaborative solution: communicate with one or more collaborators, partners and customers through direct messages or private channels.
  • A secure solution: the solution is based on secured by dynamic keys (RSA 2048) and has end-to-end encryption.
  • A dedicated solution: Manage roles and permissions by controlling which resources a user can access to perform his/her role and the types of actions he/she can make.
  • A multiplatform solution: access your solution from any device (Web, Mobile IOS, Android and Desktop).

Our answers

Productivity gains

Private Discuss facilitates and modernizes the communication with your collaborators, your customers, your partners : communicate freely (calls, texts, vocal recordings, images, videos ...) and confidently.

A protection from eavesdroppers

The integrity of your exchanges is at the heart of our solution: all your communications are end-to-end encrypted (messages, calls, videos, etc.). Protecting our clients is a priority and we are doing all we can to ensure their peace of mind.

A protection from data theft

Private Discuss protects you against the loss and theft of data, the major threats of our era : our technologies protect you against cyber attacks, violent intrusions and hacking.

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Our strengths

An easy-to-use communication tool

  • Direct messages with your employees, your partners, your customers, etc. (chat, audio, video, etc.)
  • Private channels and workspaces
  • Secure file sharing (documents, photos, audio, video)
  • Electronic acknowledgment and timestamp
  • Smart search engine: in the names, discussions and file titles exchanged
  • Creation and management of memos
  • Creation and management of To-Do list
  • Ultra-secure storage of all types of files

Your data is encrypted and secure

  • Highly secure solution
  • End2End encryption of data sending / receiving (audio / video call included)
  • Encrypted storage of data with dynamic private keys
  • Multi-factor authentification
  • Possibility of removing the traceability of communications when you want
  • Data backup on servers of your choice (in France or abroad)
  • No data stored on the phone or PC / Macbook

Your solution, your data

  • Your private customized dashboard
  • Solution compatible with all types of terminals (PC, Mac, iOS, Android)
  • On-premise solution deployed on your private servers or SAAS mode solution managed and secured by PIMAN Security
  • Functional update managed by PIMAN Security