Private Discuss

Fast, easy and reliable, Private Discuss is secure with the highest level of cybersecurity

Protect your data

Protect your data

Ensure the confidentiality of your data and that of your employees, partners, suppliers and customers.

Through Private Discuss, PIMAN Security offers a secure solution that addresses the risks of both eavesdropping and data theft. After 2 years of R&D, our solution is fully configurable and manageable, strictly private and deployed on your servers or dedicated servers. PIMAN Security uses proprietary technologies with data encryption based on dynamic keys using the highest standards of global cyber security.

Exclusive cyber solutions

Strong encryption algorithms

  • AES-256: for symmetric encryption of data on video and audio calls.
  • RSA 2048: For asymmetric encryption for sharing and storing documents.

No data stored on the device

No data stored on your devices (PC, Mac, Android or IOS), except for the user's JWT authentication token. The data loaded for viewing on the device remains in the RAM and is immediately destroyed once the application is closed. This process provides perfect security in case of loss, theft or expertise on the hard drive of the device.

Private audio and video calls

Audio and video calls are encrypted through End2End encryption to ensure a strictly private communication. In addition, the Peer2Peer exchange model is used to ensure that communication within an internal network remains local and therefore perfectly secure.

Secure network communications

Session access is secured with an authentication token based on JSON web tokens and a limited Time To Live (TTL). All communications are encrypted in the application and, therefore, all session information is encrypted.

No connection with other applications

Our solution never exchanges data with other applications, features or user devices.

Encrypted data from the device

Data is encrypted on the device before being sent to the server from the mobile, web browser, or PC / Mac desktop version.

Encrypted Data Storage

The data is encrypted with private keys, different from the dynamic communication keys of the users.

Secure data exchange

Through a secure VPN directly connected to Private Discuss and a double encryption of information (level of data and level of communication) IPSec protocol.

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