Private Discuss

Your private and collaborative communication platform

Use cases

Confidential file exchanges

Looking for a secure, fast, simple and effective solution to be able to share all types of files confidentially and master all your mail ? Private Discuss guarantee the inviolability of your data through its dynamic encryption keys.

Border crossings

You and your teams travel internationally and you want to protect your data when crossing borders. Private Discuss is the solution you need : no trace on the devices, even in case of theft or seizure of your devices.

Crisis management

Your IT systems are cyber-attacked and your business e-mails are inaccessible : Private Discuss allows you to communicate from any other device through the mobile/PC/Macbook app or the Web portal.

Secure Cloud

You need to save and share highly confidential data on servers in France or abroad. You want to be able to delete or access the data at any time wherever you are : Private Discuss meets 100% of your expectations.

Communicate effectively

Do your teams work on a common project requiring an ultra-secure collaborative tool ? Are you looking for a reliable communications solution to talk about confidential matters with your customers, partners or suppliers ? Private Discuss meets all your needs.

Share and store your files

Do not lose your files anymore ! Send and receive files (PDF, image, video ...) on your discussions (individual or private channels) and search / find them by clicking on the dedicated space. Each exchanged file is automatically stored on the platform unlimitedly.

Your solution, your data !

Master your DATA ! Do you want to be the sole owner of the data exchanged in your company ? Do you want to administer the solution yourself and manage the access rights ? Private Discuss is fully customizable, manageable and 100% personalized to your image.

Communicate wherever you are

The solution works wherever you are : in the office, on the road or abroad. The solution is accessible from your smartphone or computer through mobile applications, desktop and web portal (3G, 4G, Wifi).

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