Private Discuss

Your user-friendly and encrypted communication platform

Private Discuss is a highly secure communication platform, available in white label : we can customized the solution according to your corporate identity. All your communications, your audio / video calls, your messages (text or audio) and the exchanged files are encrypted. The data is not stored on your devices but on your server or dedicated servers in France or abroad : your data, your choice !

Private Discuss allows you to communicate internally / externally with your collaborators, your partners, your customers or your suppliers, very simply, confidentially in a 100% secure way : you can invite from your administration console as many members as you want and you can also manage their user rights.

The solution was designed for individuals and companies wishing to protect their data and share information freely, without fear of cyber attack or any other form of intrusion : International Company, State Agency, Bank, Executive Committee, Board of Directors, R & D,Lawyer, ...


Audio and video communication

Contact people thanks to audio and video calls and make your conference calls or videoconferences from any device, thanks to the application or the web portal.

Instant Messaging

Communicate in real time with one or more people through private channels and be notified of the receipt of a new message.

Private channels & workspaces

To communicate more effectively, create a workspace for a collaborative project / subject. The workspace facilitates exchanges and collaboration.

File sharing

Instantly send and receive images, videos, documents and voice messages. These are automatically stored on the platform and easily found.

Multiplatform solution

Private Discuss is accessible from any device : smartphone (IOS and Android), PC, Macbook and from a Web Portal (3G, 4G, Wifi).

White label solution

Enjoy a configurable solution, manageable and fully customizable. Facilitate your internal and external communication with a single tool.

Super-admin console

Pilot the solution from the administrator portal that allows you to manage access rights (add / delete), send invitations, view reports.

100% secure

Converse freely through your highly secure solution without fear of intrusion, loss or theft of data.

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